Builder's Staging
    Home Staging for New Home Buyers:

    inventory.  More incentives are being offered to entice the Buyer to take immediate action.

    But a Buyer that cannot sell their existing home will never be able to get into the new home, no matter how many
    incentives are offered.  

    Put that incentive money to work on the front-end by providing Staging® incentives to the Buyer in order to sell
    their existing homes faster, enabling you to complete the escrow process on their new home, while moving into
    your new community sooner than if you had to rely on the homeowner to prepare and sell their home without our

    Here’s how our "New Home Buyer Plan" could work for you:
  • Once in contract with a Buyer, simply contact us to meet with the Buyer and develop a Staging plan for
    their existing property.
  • We will then work within the incentive budget agreed to, preparing that property for a quick sale.
into the development.
  • We will work directly with you to customize an Incentive Plan that works for you and your clients

    BIA Members receive a 25% discount on our Staging Services making this program even more cost effective.  

    Builders, we want to establish a recurring relationship with you!  To do this, we are offering several cost
    savings benefits to you that demonstrates our confidence in your continued use of our Staging Service.
    They include:

    •  Complementary Preview of your vacant inventory homes and preparation of a Staging® proposal that
    optimizes your investment in Staging®.
    •  No Long-Term Furniture Contracts- We have our own inventory of furnishings and décor items, giving you
    month-to-month rental flexibility.
    •  20% discount off our regular Staging Fees and Furnishing rentals
    •  25% discount on Multiple Properties –We’ll take another 5% off our Staging® Fee on each additional
    property we Stage for you.
    •   20% off your monthly furniture rental payments (up to 30% off as a Selected client)
    •   50% monthly furniture rental payments with an escrow based final payment for the furniture rental balance.  
    We will invoice you monthly for 50% of your actual furniture rental fee and carry the balance until close of
    Aging Inventory Homes?

    Statistics show Staged® homes sell faster and for more money than comparable un-Staged homes.

  • Staged homes look better than un-Staged homes in print and internet marketing
  • We can fully furnish your inventory homes using our large inventory of décor and furniture, or
    we can use your items that you have sitting in model homes.
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