Our Staging Consultations

Do you feel good about your skills in giving your home a welcoming look to
perspective Buyers?  Then perhaps all you really need is some detailed
pointers from accredited Home Stagers.  We're experts in how to finish
preparing your home for sale!  We've helped many of our creative clients
streamline their efforts to give their home that
"Just Staged" look!

Our Consultations typically take about 2 hours.  We begin at the front door and
walk you through the entire house, discussing how to enhance the space and
features of each room.

Staging your home is the most effective way to give your home a fresh new
look and appeal to the general buying public that will be coming to see it!

Some homes merely need to be,  de-cluttered, tidied up, furniture re-grouped
and pictures moved to better make use of the space in each room.  
We'll show you how to do that!

We've had fantastic results from many of our creative clients that have used our
consultation as the beginning to getting their property sold, FAST!

We can help you change the look of your home without an expensive “make-
over”.  Get honest, clear directions on what you should be doing to prepare
your house for sale.  

Presentations Home Staging experts will help you capture the beauty of your
home’s full potential, while accenting the features and space
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Getting Your Property Ready to Sell?
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Call us today to schedule your personal Consultation!
The following property languished on the market for over 6 months, without even a "lowball" offer.  
The homeowner contacted us for a Consultation and after using the detail suggestions that we
provided, this property
SOLD in less than 4 weeks!

Licensed and Insured in Washington & Oregon
"Professional, Reliable & Affordable"
(360) 666-9461
Staging your home for Living, is a great way to give yourself
a new home, without having to BUY one!

Our accredited home stagers have worked with many
homeowners that don't want to Sell their homes, but just
want to give their home a new feel, without buying all new
furniture and expensive accessories.

We work with our clients to develop a budget, help shop for
items when necessary, showing you where to get quality
furnishings at value savings.  Our relationships with many
local and national manufacturers enables us to pass our
industry discounts on to you.  

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
Our Home Staging consultation is only $175.

Your investment will get you:
* Experienced Professional Stager
* 2 hours of detailed ideas on how to prepare
each room in your home for a quick sale!  

We can typically cover a 3000 sq. ft. home in that

Call today to schedule
your appointment!
Furniture Groupings and placement did not accent  the potential of the
Re-arranged with furniture from another room, style and size fit more
dramatically in this room than where it came from.